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People with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder use ritualistic behaviors to combat the intrusive thoughts. Some OCD sufferers calm themselves by collecting or hoarding things.

It is very common to hear people say that they suffer from OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). Although the disorder is common personality quirks are often misunderstood as OCD symptoms.

People that suffer with OCD deal with intrusive and recurrent thoughts (obsessions) along with repetitive and ritualistic acts (compulsions) on a daily basis. These obsessions and compulsions are so extreme that they infringe on the life of the sufferer.

The persistent thoughts or obsessions cause the sufferer stress or anxiety. The compulsions are aimed at preventing or decreasing the distress brought on by the obsessions. Many times the sufferer will be convinced that if the compulsion is not executed some dreaded event or situation will occur.

Some OCD sufferers become hoarders as a way of calming themselves. They may become obsessed with saving anything and everything. This is not to be confused with being a pack rat. Many of us save or collect things. But an OCD hoarder is likely to save so many things that his house becomes an unsafe place to live.

Not only will the closets and drawers be full of stuff, but the entire house may be. In some extreme cases the sufferer may literally live among stacks of mail, newspaper and garbage. Hoarders do not merely collect things; it goes much deeper than that.

A collector is proud of his collection, not only does he take pride in it, he puts it on display. On the other hand, a hoarder is embarrassed by his collection and he certainly does not brag about it. For a hoarder the simple act of throwing away a newspaper or napkin can be devastating.

The compulsions used by the OCD patient are usually not connected in a realistic way with what they are designed to neutralize. Although the sufferer may realize this inconsistency the symptoms persist.

Some OCD patients claim to experience panic attacks after being faced with their dread. Although panic attacks can be present in patients with OCD in most cases these are not true panic attacks. True panic attacks are based on the fear of the attacks themselves. In these cases the OCD patient is experiencing the symptoms associated with a panic attack because they have been faced with their fear or dreaded fear.

In true OCD the sufferer spends an hour or more per day dealing with the disorder. The compulsions often become increasingly time-consuming, leading to distress and the inability to continue functioning as normal. The individual may find that it is necessary to plan hours ahead of time for regular events due to the time needed for the ritualistic behaviors.

Individuals suffering with obsessive compulsive disorder often complain of feelings associated with those of depression. As time goes on the symptoms of OCD may result in the individual spending more and more time at home. This may eventually result in other anxiety disorders, such as agoraphobia or depression.

The good news is that there is help available. If you or someone you love suffers with OCD you should seek help and treatment.

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Writer internet marketer

The picture of writer internet marketer and topics interest women with ages visit bydebbie allen. Debbie Allen is a writer, internet marketer and personal coach. To learn more about acne and other topics of interest to women of all ages visit:

ByDebbie Allen

Public speaking can make anyone anxious but the feelings experienced by a panic attack sufferer can be overwhelming.

I am waiting my turn to go on stage, I have been asked to a group of local merchants about the importance of having an online presence. This is a wonderful opportunity for exposure. This is the kind of thing that can catapult my business!

Exposure; come to think of it I will literally be exposed. I will be standing in front of a group of strangers talking and additionally, I may have to answer questions. What was I thinking when I accepted this invitation?

I am now wondering if I am really prepared for this, I have always considered myself a shy person regardless of the fact that I am outspoken at times. Now I am very nervous, what will they think of me, do I look all right, and do I have the knowledge needed to make this event a success for me? Those thoughts and many others are racing through my head.

If you can identify with the above feelings you are probably a shy person. As a matter of fact, it is not uncommon for people that are not shy to be intimidated about public speaking. A person that suffers with panic attacks may experience similar feelings to a degree but also much more anxiety. Keep reading for an example of the same experience as described by a panic attack sufferer.

I do not know how I got trapped into this, I must have been crazy to accept the invitation. I know it may be a good business move but is this stress worth it? What if I have a panic attack while I am on stage? What will they think if I have to suddenly run off the stage or even run out of the building? My hands are sweating and my heart rate is getting too fast. I can not do this! How can I get out of this now?

If you more strongly identify with the second scenario then you have probably gone through the trauma of at least one panic attack. It is true that panic attacks can have a huge impact on the life of the sufferer. Declining a speaking engagement could be detrimental to a business. On the other hand what would happen if one experienced a panic attack while on stage?

Believe me, I do understand the feelings. I used to suffer with panic attacks on a somewhat regular basis. I also taught classes at a large hospital so I really can relate. But I also had the fortunate experience of attending a class at my university directed at teaching individuals how to speak in public. My instructor told wonderful stories about his good, not so good, and terrible speaking experiences.

One tip that he shared is the fact that during a speech it is acceptable to pause. He said a pause of up to 10 seconds is fine, the pause will add emphasis to the last point. The audience will have an opportunity to absorb what has been and to anticipate what will be said. I always found those points comforting because a pause gives you time to regroup your thoughts and/or to escape from negative thoughts and feelings.

He also said that if you are giving a speech and feel you need to get the focus off of you for a short period of time you can ask the audience a question, or let some the members express their views about a related topic. Another suggestion was to have a time for introductions. All of these tactics can provide you a little space of time to get things under control in your mind.

Another tip was using the anxiety that you feel to deliver a more forceful message. Simply accept the fact that speaking will bring about some anxiety and use it to your advantage. Your speech will be more effective.

This instructor also said he had a lucky coin that he always had with him during a speaking engagement. Some people have lucky rocks and other items. If you have a small item that brings you comfort then consider using it in that way.

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