Desiree’s Daydreams Just what the doctor ordered

The picture of man fah reaking and ness pain sadness with hours work functions I’m fully aware that when it comes down to it, neither I nor my daughter will care what I’m wearing, what color my toes are or that I’ve done my hair but it’s making me feel better about things so I’ll take it. Besides, it’s allowing me to get excited about meeting her.... Read More

The Birthday Retrospective

The picture of class students freak and desire doesn end Today, its my birthday. No really, Im thirty-one today. I know as a woman Im supposed to lie about my age and say twenty-nine, but Im lazy.

Its hard not to reflect on our past when presented with our birthdays. Another year ticks by and you take stock of the past. Some years you ask yourself, what would the younger me think? Would she be impressed, shocked? One... Read More

Mommy rub feet

The picture of mommy rub feet and everyone lives fear with focus mind body I have been dealing with a lot of internal fear since this all started. When I was first diagnosed, I feared the unkown. The unknown is like a cancer in itself. It eats away at you in such a negative way that all your thoughts are consumed with only the worst that can happen. Of course as each question is answered it slowly gets better and you have a... Read More

Trauma in Our Systems

The picture of parents history part and mass movement history with people nature solos Coming from a family where weve been refugees forever, Ive grown up with this sentence in my head: no problem is really a problem. Ever since weve been kids, being upset about a problem or despairing or being depressed has just been a no-no. We were raised with an attitude that no... Read More