Period time addiction

The picture of period time addiction and matter debate counseling experts with practitioners addiction counseling phoenix Getting addicted to drugs or alcohol often becomes a big problem that makes ones life gets into difficulty. In other words, someone living under addiction cannot take control of his or her daily life, so what is supposed... Read More

Health promotion practices

The picture of health promotion practices and lives focus groups with service systems definitions health New models of health and wellness specific to people with disabilities are broadening our understanding of what it means to live healthy and well and live with a long-term disability. Though theoretical models... Read More

Connecticut Certification Board

The picture of overview certification requirements and connecticut certification board process with credentialing counselors problem gamblers Overview of Certification Requirements for the Speciatly Certificate of Competence in Problem Gambling

The Connecticut Certification Boards process for credentialing counselors of problem gamblers requires meeting minimum standards in... Read More