Jennyfer Kang Roberts Training with an Injury

The picture of weepy cry baby and lot side note with dad cancer weeks Less than 2 months after I made all these changes, I suffered a catastrophic injury by rupturing my achilles tendon. After I realized what Id done, which was about 1 second after I realized no one actually kicked me in the achilles, I immediately started thinking about how long a recovery this would be and all the training I wouldnt be able to do after all... Read More


The picture of smoke stack work front and things bit bit with outlay summer europe You travel in to your bureau as well as plaint inwardly. The smoke-stack of work in front of we is overwhelming. You arent even certain where to begin. Sighing, we lay down, as well as consider a situation. There is so most which needs to get done, though we only do not have a additional time. Its not similar to we would get paid overtime anyway.... Read More

Friday everyone love

HAPPY FRIDAY everyone! I LOVE turning normal ol, everyday things into special events, which is why Ive declared Friday a weekly holiday!

One of the four areas of the Inner Compass I use to work with my clients is Enjoyment & Excitement. It cannot be forgotten if you want to Navigate Blissfully through life!! Its profoundly important to have a kick-ass time from time-to-time (or as often as possible)

Sometimes it seems easier to just sit around waiting/expecting fun and... Read More

Showcase work part ofthrowing

The picture of showcase work part ofthrowing and result order plan with event planning company My launch party is coming up in April and I’m very excited because I think it’sgreat way to introduce Changing Spaces Design to the general public, and showcase my work. :) Part ofthrowing a successful party is organizing the elements, and designing everything from the food to the vibe to ensure that you have your desired... Read More