Surgery tuesday morning

The picture of surgery tuesday morning and doesnt trust anyone with torture chamber today Ive been feeling particularly emotionally fragile for the last week or so. I dont know how to explain it except to say it feels like Im inside of a hole, dirt is falling all around me, and I cant get out. People reach in to try to help me, but I cant seem to raise my arms to accept the help. I feel sad. I feel stressed. I feel pressured.... Read More

Post aboutso fingers

I hate to make excuses (again) for not posting last week, but it was an incredibly busy week were I didnt get home till 9pm or after!!! Hopefully I can get a few in this week (posts that is) as I have a few things I want to post aboutso fingers crossed!

Over the last couple of weeks I have reached a tipping point of sorts, people are finally starting to notice that I am losing weight. It is a very rewarding, sometimes embarrassing and occasionally very funny thing when people start to... Read More