I m Sure You Believed These 8 Cholesterol Myths

The picture of blood cholesterol levels need and wordshigh cholesterol levels with health cholesterol myths Cholesterol Myths #1 Your choice about diet and physical activity are fully responsible for your cholesterol levels. Although diet and exercise do contribute to your overall blood cholesterol levels, we need to take into consideration other factors that contribute greatly, such as:

The fact that your bodynaturally... Read More

Benefits and risks of cholesterol to the body

The picture of types lipoproteins cholesterol lipoproteins and cholesterol count ldl with production endogenus cholesterol Cholesterol is not just the demon you may have been led to believe. In fact, it is essential for the healthy functioning of the body. Cholesterol is used in almost every cell. So that it doesnt dissolve in blood, Cholesterol is protected in a protein coating, called Lipoproteins. It is then circulated... Read More

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Use of a New Thrombus Extraction Catheter (The Pronto) in the Treatment of Acute Myocardial Infartion

The picture of thrombus extraction catheter and intervention report case with prontotm thrombectomy catheter. 19/07/2006

The finding of an intracoronary thrombus at the time of coronary angiography is common in patients presenting with an acute coronary syndrome. Pharmacologic and mechanical treatment strategies... Read More

Say NO to Heart Attack Part 2

Last November in a post entitled Say NO to Heart Attack, we saw that nitrite given to dogs while a coronary artery was tied off, markedly reduced the amount of heart muscle that was damaged. Subsequent measurements of heart function provided more evidence of benefit.

Since then, and on the basis of this and other preclinical studies, two trials in people have been completed. The exciting news is that in some cases, nitrite given at the time of a heart attack may very well spare the... Read More

Valvular Heart Disease Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

The picture of ventricle pumps blood and cause myxomatous degeneration condition with palpitations awareness ones The heart has four chambers: two atria or upper small and two large lower chambers or ventricles. Each ventricle has an inlet valve and one outlet through which blood can flow only in one direction. The tricuspid valve opens from the... Read More

Male Impotence and Eating plan

The picture of penis garlic oil garlic and impotence garlic oil with system garlic herb 1. Green beans Green beans features loaded with vitamin C and many other productive materials that encourage overall health, like phthalides, which might assist lower cholesterol levels. The vit c is usually an antioxidising that will help fight against the damage attributable to foreign bodies.... Read More