GAPS Intro Diet Update #1

As many of you already know, my husband and I started on the GAPS Intro Diet on October 1st. That means that today (Friday) is now Day 7 for us. We moved into Stage 2 of the Intro Diet yesterday on our Day 6.

I wasnt sure what to expect in terms of how we would feel: what kind of energy would we have, would we feel sick, etc.

I will say that Ive already learned from a few mistakes that Ive made along the way! First of all, I was a bit behind in getting started on making my meat... Read More

Rat race life

The picture of rat race life and use adult men with market example promaleplus The fast and furious lifestyle of the twenty first century is taking our lives by storm, and definitely not in a good way. The rat race of life is leaving us tired and drained, and without any energy to enjoy what little is left of it.

The fast and furious lifestyle of the twenty first century is taking our lives by storm, and definitely not... Read More

Asperger s Disorder

The picture of video game addiction and awkwardness speech delays lack with day day experience thats Studies show that theres a connection between Aspergers and video game addiction in that those with Aspergers may find it easier to empathize and relate to computers than they do other people. And some with Aspergers talk about turning to drugs and alcohol(link is external)in order to help ease their social anxiety. But the fact... Read More

The Benefits Of Pilates In Perth

The picture of purchase scarborough pilates clinic and styles classes pilates lessons Youll find teams and many distinct classes it is possible to join to get into shape and that will help you move out and about and these generally include martial arts, dance lessons, yoga, boxercise and a variety of other things. While this choice isnt any doubt a good thing as it lets you decide something which really suits you, it also could... Read More

Behind Closed Doors

The picture of lot shame guilt and finger whiletheir neighborcan with meal planor plate I apologize for another ED related post, but someone said something to me yesterday that really stirred up some thoughts in my mind

Bingeing is a topic not often discussed in the eating disorder world because it tends to invoke a lot of shame, guilt, and self-hatred. Restricting does the... Read More